Thursday, October 1, 2009

We have a winner!

YEA it is the FIRST OF OCTOBER  and that means time to pick the winner of our first Follower Prize!!!

HOW did we pick the winner? Well we have 18 followers so I wrote numbers 1- 18 and put them into a covered box and shook them up really good and then I let my hearing ear dog Chico into the box. The first number he licked up was the winner. Now he ate the paper so I had to see what number was NOT there. Next drawing I need to come up with a better method but at least this one was fun.
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OKAY...... the winner is...... Sweet Annie's Graphics!  Please drop me a note at with your mailing address and the soap will go out on MONDAY. I don't like soaps sitting in the post office warehouses over the weekends so I only mail them out Mon - Weds.

YEAH! Now that you know we have fun not only in here but also in The Painted Daisy Community hows about you invite some of your friends to come follow and also join the community. We are a great bunch of gals and everyone is welcomed with open arms as long as you play nicely!

I hear the ornies have arrived to all their new homes so I'm expecting to see photos soon (gotta get my box from mil house...long story).