Friday, September 25, 2009


I was thinking last night on what inspires me with decorating and crafting. Some of my rooms I have had a certain color or a shelf that I have planned the whole room around. I love to move things and change them up to give a room a different look. I also have certain things for each season that I add to decorate each room. I am going to get my fall decorations out this weekend and put my summer ones away. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year to decorate. I love to add pumpkins and gords to my bowls on my table. I even have corn stalks from my own garden to add to my display out front this year.
So what inspires you? Is it the seasons or a certain color? Maybe a cute doll or picture. Share with us how you get inspired to decorate.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Come Follow The Painted Daisy and YOU MIGHT WIN!

Doesn't it look yummy...
But it is not to eat it's 5 oz Chocolate Margaritas Soap!

                            Here is the Scoop on the soap!
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 Will it be YOU? Drawing on SEPT 30!
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Here is the scoop on the Soap just so you know......... This Soap is donated by Sandi with Sassy Soaps N Such and Always Crafty 2. Below is the soap's description straight from Sandi.

"Bon Bons and Booze what a wonderful combination. I live in Texas so of course the first thing that came to my mind was Tequila and since we were working with a “Mexican” Booze why not add the most comforting kind of chocolate I can think of. When my Mis hijas or my daughters, were little we would have hot chocolate infused with Mexican cinnamon every night before bedtime. I decided to combine the Tequila with the Mexican Hot Chocolate and you give you a 5 oz Chocolate Margaritas Soap Bar.

I work with Melt and Pour Method of Soap so I used goat’s milk base and clear glycerin base to create our three layered 5oz Chocolate Margaritas Soap. The bottom layer is made from Starbucks Moca Powder and goats milk soap base...with just a touch of fresh Mexican cinnamon. The middle layer is lime green glycerin soap and the top layer is clear glycerin soap that in infused with Sauza... that is real Tequila Blanco. Now, no Margaritas would be complete without salt and lime so the lime on the side has a hint of salt in the glycerin and of course lime essential oils. You can smell the Tequila and lime and Mexican hot chocolate base...YUMMO makes me wish I could drink this soap. 
 So we hope to see that follower number grow and grow.
 We will pick the luck winner's name on OCT 1 and post it in here!
 You'll need to come by and see if it is you!
 This is just the start of a whole lot of fun here at The Painted Daisy Blog!!


OK I took the leap and joined Twitter. If your into following us there look us up under "ThePaintedDaisy" . I will be updating that regularly. It looks fun and I think I could become addicted to it LOL

The Painted Daisy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Beginnings

The Painted Daisy is starting fresh, well sort of. True prim is never new just re purposed. So with the community era closed let the new blog era begin. Yes I will be closing the doors of the community this Fri 9/25/09. Its time to move on and up into a different venue.
Starting next week you will see and feel a whole new blog. I will have guest artists and on going artists contributing to this. Some might be ones you have heard of and others will be new to online crafting. We will have giveaways and other contests too. With running a community over the past 2 years I have lost my crafting mojo along the way. This is my journey to find it and return it to its rightful place. I will be clearing out the cob webs in the craft room and start designing again.

So please bookmark my crafting journey, become a follower! Whatever you need to do to find us. Stop back often as you will love what you find.

The Painted Daisy