Thursday, October 15, 2009

We are back!!

The community is back up and running!!!  Thanks to some great server customer support!!!  I have made a few changes so if your interested in joining us please post here on the blog and we will contact you or email me through the community email and I will contact you.  I will not be letting people just sign up anymore.  Between spammers and hackers its not worth the trouble.  We still want new members just have to do it in a differnet way to protect everyone in the community.


Report on The Painted Daisy Community

Hello friends and family... you know there are just some folks who have nothing better to do than hack into websites and communites. The Painted Daisy has been hacked and Ami is working hard to restore not on the community but all the websites his hacker took done.

I personally am issuing Karma a Call to come and bite this H4cker in his......

So please bear with Ami as works with her server to restore order in the universe and out community back online.


has been hacked and destroyed.  I hope the web servers have someting to help me get it back with out rebuilding.  If I have to rebuild some deep thought will have to go into it. to stay away from the issues that happened.  Stick with me and I will have our fun community back up and going very soon.

Sandi or I will post here any news.  You can also reach us through here.

Thanks girls!!!  I miss everone already!!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What is all the white about???

It must be snowing somewhere cause the community looks all white and snowy like. Don't panic Ami is working on getting the forum back up and running. She is headed into work and will be working hard on getting all the snow brushed away and the painted daisy back nice and bright.

Personally I think that all the snow so early in the fall has thrown a hicup in the worldwide web and maybe it just needs a little tap to get going again. Please pop in here and visit until The Painted Daisy is back up and don't panic... I know I did :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Is In The AIR at The Painted Daisy

Walk outside...take a DEEP BREATH ...can you smell it??? Fall is in the Air!
It has been amazing here in Dallas cool the past couple days and downright chilly at night in the 50s.
Odd most years it is hot this time of the year here in Texas but this year, the year I hit 50 it is cooler and reminds me of back home in Tennessee. Have to say I love it... my memory is not as sharp as it used to be but the cool nights bring wonderful memories rushing back in. Football games at Hillcrest in Memphis and sorority date nights at Union U... Zeta Love!

I'd love to hear your best Fall memory. Maybe it was the hayride you took in college, or trick-r-treating as a child or maybe with your child, bobbin for apples or maybe going apple picking.

We'd love to invite you to join us at The Painted Daisy Community and to follow us here.
I Shared this Fall Folk Art ePattern at the Painted Daisy but for those who did not grab it there here it is for all of you.
Image Hosting by

Enjoy the pattern and please we'd love to hear your Favorite Fall Story.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 Ornie Swap

What a great bunch of ornies !!!!! We had 11 girls participate and all they had to be was handmade. I love this swap it is such a blast. I am already thinking on next years ornie lol.
We all made a extra ornie and we will be auctioning them off and donating the proceeds to charity. Check back soon for more details if you would like to own them.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

We have a winner!

YEA it is the FIRST OF OCTOBER  and that means time to pick the winner of our first Follower Prize!!!

HOW did we pick the winner? Well we have 18 followers so I wrote numbers 1- 18 and put them into a covered box and shook them up really good and then I let my hearing ear dog Chico into the box. The first number he licked up was the winner. Now he ate the paper so I had to see what number was NOT there. Next drawing I need to come up with a better method but at least this one was fun.
Image Hosting by

OKAY...... the winner is...... Sweet Annie's Graphics!  Please drop me a note at with your mailing address and the soap will go out on MONDAY. I don't like soaps sitting in the post office warehouses over the weekends so I only mail them out Mon - Weds.

YEAH! Now that you know we have fun not only in here but also in The Painted Daisy Community hows about you invite some of your friends to come follow and also join the community. We are a great bunch of gals and everyone is welcomed with open arms as long as you play nicely!

I hear the ornies have arrived to all their new homes so I'm expecting to see photos soon (gotta get my box from mil house...long story).